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About Us is a part of the  Incastreasures Group. INCAS Treasures is a company formed by young entrepreneurs who want to publicize the best of Peruvian handicrafts.  With many successful years selling on Internet the best of the Alpaca Clothing and accessories with free Shipping Worldwide. Incastreasures is a legal serious company with office and a large group of artisans and companies that produce unique products for you.

We focus in bring the best products and the best service avoiding automatic responses , a friendly voice or a direct email always will answer your questions or comments.

PERU is a country taking extraordinary legacy as the great treasures of our ancestors: THE INCAS, who had one of the largest empires spanning almost entirely South America. 

Our company owes its name to this great empire, and through this website will offer to customers many of these formidable treasures transformed into high-quality crafts, showing the art and great creativity of our artisans who collaborate and form part of the group INCAS Treasure. 


Our Mission

  • - Share our culture through our products, that we are proud ,with all the world.

  • - Sell only high quality products.

  • - A friendly and efficient web shopping experience.

  • - Provide Customer service of exceptional quality, to humans for humans.

It is important to us to have policies in the following areas:

  • - Fair prices paid to producers

  • - Good working conditions

  • - No child labour

  • - No sex/ religious/ ethnic discrimination

  • - Continuous long term working relationships


The Fair Trade Advantage

?  More than ever, consumers want to know where the products they buy come from. Fair trade gives you the confidence and assurance to tell them.

?  Fair Trade products put your store in good light and create goodwill, as your customers will appreciate your caring for people and sustainability.

?  You can benefit from the most exclusive and original gifts made by family workshops, women's cooperatives and small producers who enjoy creating their work.

?  Best of all, there is a true story of an artist behind every product that you can be proud to share with your customers.

Privacy Policy


Alpaca-Clothing member of INCAS TREASURES strongly respects your privacy. INCASTREASURES we will NEVER rent or sell your personal information to any third party. The information collected and stored by INCAS TREASURES includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address. While your credit card information is collected at the time of purchase by none are stored on INCAS TREASURES's server. Credit card information is sent directly to Verisign's and McAffe hacksers freesecure server, where it is safely held. Because INCAS TREASURES collects personal information through a secure server that features the latest encryption technology, you can be assured that none of your information will be viewed by anyone outside of INCAS TREASURES. Furthermore, all shipping labels are pre-printed at INCAS TREASURES's office, so none of your personal information is held or stored by any of the shipping companies that are used to deliver INCAS TREASURES's orders.

The information you provide to INCAS TREASURES will only be used to process your order. Unless there is a problem with your order or you have opted to receive the INCAS TREASURES Newsletter by email, you will not be contacted by INCAS TREASURES. If you do agree to receive the INCAS TREASURES Newsletter  but later change your mind, you can request to be removed from our list by simply emailing us at sales. You may also update or change the personal information INCAS TREASURES has collected by sending an email to  sales. Should there be any changes to INCAS TREASURES's Privacy Guarantee, all affected users will immediately be notified by email and all relevant changes will be posted in our site.

While you are shopping, INCAS TREASURES uses cookies to keep track of the items that you have placed in your shopping cart. Cookies are bits of information that allow INCAS TREASURES's server to associate you with the specific products that you have added to your shopping cart. We recommend that you turn your cookies on while shopping at INCAS TREASURES, as this will allow for a much more enjoyable and worry-free shopping experience.

INCAS TREASURES does not knowingly collect any personal information from children.


 For your protection all transactions are done using SSL 128 bit secure encryption. No credit card or personal payment information is persistently stored on this site. A Paypal account is NOT required to use the Paypal Credit Card processor for purchases.  Additional information about Paypal transaction processing may be found at



The Alpaca-Clothing website and all of its content are copyrighted materials, protected by United States ,Peruvian and international copyright laws. The compilation of content on our website is the exclusive property of Incas Treasures and may not be used for any purpose other than browsing, shopping, and using the information provided for your own private use and entertainment. Additionally, the INCAS TREASURES name and logos are trademarks of Incas Treasures.

Site material, including pictures, product descriptions, site features, and artist biographies, may be downloaded onto one computer or printed out for personal, non-commercial use only, provided copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices are not changed or deleted and, in the case of printing, that reproduction is not done in large quantities (defined as ten or more copies of a particular image, description, or biography). Any modification of the materials on our website or use of them for any other purpose will violate our intellectual property rights.

You agree not to copy, reproduce, or modify any part of INCASTREASURES. This restriction includes copying, reproducing, or modifying any names, trademarks and logos which INCAS TREASURES owns or has the right to use.

Everything you download (the software,catalog, images, and data)remains our property. We retain full and complete title to the software and to all associated intellectual property rights. Site material may not be redistributed or sold, nor may it be reverse-engineered, disassembled, or otherwise converted to any other form.

Artist Copyrights: All digital images contained in this website are under license by Incas Treasures and are available to any person for the express purpose of viewing the website. No image or portion of any image may be reused without the express written consent of Incas Treasures and the individual artist. All physical artworks are owned solely by the individual artists and are subject to United States and international copyright laws. No artwork may be reproduced or replicated in part or in its totality without the express written consent of Incas Treasures and the individual artist.

Peruvian Law: (IN SPANISH)

INDECOPI, autoridad competente sobre la materia y responsable de cautelar y proteger LOS DERECHOS DE AUTOR y DERECHOS CONEXOS; la cual es la encargada de resolver de conformidad con lo dispuesto en ART. 168 de D.L. 822 – Ley sobre los derechos de Autor y lo prescrito en los ART. 174 y 177 literal a) del D.L. 822, concordante con el ART. 24 inciso c) y ART. 26 del D.L 807 y decisi? Andina 351, sobre Derechos de Autor. El ART.18 del D.L 822 , ESTABLECE:   “ el autor de la obra tiene por el solo hecho de su creaci? la titularidad originaria de un hecho exclusivo y oponible a terceros que comprende a su vez los derechos de orden moral y patrimonial”; asimismo, el ART. 31 de la misma norma, establece: “ el derecho patrimonial comprende el derecho exclusivo de realizar, autorizar o prohibir: a) La reproducci? de la obra por cualquier forma o procedimiento y f) cualquier otra de utilizaci? de la obra que no esta contemplada en la ley, como excepci? al derecho patrimonial.” Que el ART. 25 establece que, por derecho de integridad el autor tiene incluso frente al adquiriente del objeto material que contiene la obra, la facultad de oponerse a toda deformaci?, modificaci?, mutilaci? o alteraci? de la misma.

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